Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

the new national bicycle festival

In the middle of Switzerland's largest city, the CYCLE WEEK will become a national cycling festival. To kick off the cycling season, CYCLE WEEK will put the spotlight on all facets of cycling for four days from 12 to 15 May 2022.

At the foot of Zurich's local mountain Üetliberg, the CYCLE WEEK CAMPUS is a paradise for interested and active people. The Brunau offers a diverse sports infrastructure with a pump track, dirt jump facility, BMX skate park and access to mountain bike trails, gravel roads and racing bike routes. The latest bikes can be tested in the large Test Village, new skills can be acquired at the workshops or new routes can be explored on the social rides. On the weekend also attracts the international ZüriDirt Contest with lots of action in the Jumppark Sihlcity.






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CYCLE WEEK makes trees grow
Good for all of us, good for nature, good for the climate
E-Moutainbiking with René Wildhaber
Test E-MTB from TRANSALPES and learn tricks from René Wildhaber
Place: Brunau
E-Bike City Tour with Zürich Tourism
Explore the most diverse perspectives of Zurich in a city tour on an e-bike.
City & Mobility
Place: Europaallee
Packing made easy with Belvedere
Of everything that travelers think they need, half is still too much! What really needs to go on the bike trip and how to prepare best
Mountain Gravel Road Travel & Tourism
Place: Europaallee
Service workshop with Zurich
The difference lies in the detail! In the service workshops you will learn how to adjust your bike perfectly from a professional and how to carry out minor repairs yourself.
Place: Europaallee
Road Workshop with Swiss Cycling
Tips and tricks on driving technique on the narrow tires.
Place: Brunau
Cycling holidays Zurich
Cycling experience paired with culture, culinary and big city flair - Stay at the 25h Hotel at the CYCLE WEEK for a special price
Gravel Workshop with Swiss Cycling
What do you need to know about gravel biking? Are you a gravel fan or do you want to try out gravel biking? Then sign up for this workshop.
Place: Brunau
Road bike ride with #fastandfemale
Do you like fast asphalt and crisp climbs and do you enjoy riding with other women? Then this race bike ride exclusively for women is the right thing for you! For beginners to intermediates.
Place: Brunau
E-Bike Workshop with Zurich
In these riding courses you will learn how to deal with the acceleration and the weight of the e-bike, how to estimate your braking distance correctly and how to use the capacity of your battery optimally.
City & Mobility
Place: Europaallee
Pumptrack Workshop with Swiss Cycling
So you fly through the pumptrack with a lot of flow and momentum.
Place: Brunau
Mountain bike workshop with Swiss Cycling
Would you like to try out mountain biking for the first time, get helpful tips on riding technique or learn advanced manoeuvres? The Swiss Cycling Guides will show you in workshops for beginners or advanced riders.
Place: Brunau
Urban Rides with Rayrider
Urban bike tour through Zurich. Experience special places of the metropolis in a familiar atmosphere.
City & Mobility
Place: Europaallee
E-MTB Workshop with Swiss Cycling
Lots of flow - not only downhill but also uphill. The Swiss Cycling Guides show you tips and tricks on the E-MTB in this workshop.
Place: Brunau
Cycle Hero by Shimano
Mountain bike rides with Züritrails
Out and about with the ZüriTrails association on the trails on their local mountain, the Uerliberg - trail rides for beginners, advanced riders and especially for young people and women only.
Place: Brunau
Building a sustainable success story from the current bike boom
An interview with OC president Erwin Flury and Expo managers Nathalie Schneitter and Christian Wyss: What does the bicycle boom mean for CYCLE WEEK? What has changed compared to the first edition? Where is there something to see and experience?
Bike Days and Urban Bike Festival unite for CYCLE WEEK
CYCLE WEEK becomes the new national bike festival - and will take place in Zurich from 12 to 15 May 2022. The Bike Days and the Urban Bike Festival combine to form CYCLE WEEK, the festival to kick off the cycling season that covers all facets of cycling and is close to the action. Located directly at Zurich's main station and at the same time at decentralized locations on existing infrastructures, the CYCLE WEEK makes cycling an on-site and also digital experience. cycleweek.ch
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