Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

Pumptrack Workshop with Swiss Cycling

So you fly through the pumptrack with a lot of flow and momentum.

Pumptrack workshop for adults

The pumptrack is ideal to combine strength, endurance and coordination training with fun and flow. In this workshop of the Swiss Cycling Guides you will learn how to push, absorb and ride proper approaches or you can try your hand at jumps.


from 11 - 12.30

From April, the online registration for Worskhops/Rides will be posted here. Participation costs 10 CHF and is also valid as admission to the CYCLE WEEK CAMPUS.

Meeting point
CYCLE WEEK CAMPUS - Brunau: Focus Water Lounge

Max. 8 people

The bike, preferably a dirt bike or hardtail as well as helmet must be brought yourself. We recommend flat pedals and knee pads.

Minimum age 16 years. Pumptrack previous knowledge is not necessary, on the level of the participants*innen from beginner to advanced can be individually addressed.The ticket is also valid as admission to the CYCLE WEEK CAMPUS incl. bike test on the workshop/ride day. The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants, the organizers disclaim any liability.

Please contact us in case of questions or short term cancellation at workshop@cycleweek.ch

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