Zurich, 12-15 May 2022


photo: buchlifotography

For children, the bicycle is an important means of transport to get around independently. In the course "ikecontrol" by Swiss Cycling, they learn to control their bike in such a way that they can concentrate on the traffic while on the road. At the CYCLE WEEK canChildrendliche try out on the course with various obstacles, and a first glimpse receive.

Bikecontrol is a Swiss Cycling project aimed at schools. A course was developed for children and young people to learn and improve important skills on the bike. The goal is to get more children and young people interested in cycling in everyday life through Bikecontrol.

Kiddies Cycle Week 2021

Mobility Talk

Bike Lovers Contest
Place: Europaallee
Mobility Talk
What does it take to make cycling the transport mode of choice for children and senior citizens, the inexperienced and commuters? How do infrastructures and rules need to be changed so that cycling can fulfil its potential and increase the quality of life in cities?
Safety Parcours
Place: Europaallee
E-Bike Workshop with Zurich
In these riding courses you will learn how to deal with the acceleration and the weight of the e-bike, how to estimate your braking distance correctly and how to use the capacity of your battery optimally.
City & Mobility
Place: Europaallee