Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

Bike Lovers Contest

Who has the most beautiful bike in the whole country?

The beauty contest for bicycles is a trip to the more distant islands of Planet Velo. A good ten masters* of bicycle construction from all over Europe present their handmade, rideable works of art at the FESTIVAL in Europaallee. The audience is also the jury and votes on whose bike will receive the beauty plaque. Stop by and cast your vote for your favorite bike.


Has always been the custom frame construction closely associated with the bicycle racing. The declared goal: to enable the best with the perfectly fitting frame the ultimate PERFORMANCE. Nowadays, another element is at least equally central: EXCITMENT - this is about fantastic details, excessive use of materials and sometimes almost provocatively exotic creations.

Where is the truth in one or the other element? Or is a fusion move possible, as it were the crowning achievement of custom frame building?
Answers we are looking for at the Bike Lovers Contest under this year's motto "PERFORMANCE AND EXCITEMENT".

Mobility Talk

Place: Europaallee
Mobility Talk
What does it take to make cycling the transport mode of choice for children and senior citizens, the inexperienced and commuters? How do infrastructures and rules need to be changed so that cycling can fulfil its potential and increase the quality of life in cities?
Safety Parcours
Place: Europaallee