Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

ZüriDirt Contest

Flight spectacle on two wheels

International MTB Dirtjump Contest
This weekend, some of the world's best slopestylers will take off in the ZüriTrails Jumppark near Brunau. Dirt Jump is also the name of the discipline, the ZüriDirt Contest is part of the FMB World Tour with silver status. Zurich's Lucas Huppert has been part of the world's slopestyle elite for years, but he has never been able to win his home competition. Whether you want to cheer on the local hero or just enjoy the spectacle, the ZüriDirt Contest is definitely worth a detour! The final of the ZüriDirt Contest can be followed on site or with us in the live broadcast. 


ZüriDirt Contest Final 2021

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - Qualifiktaion from 13 - 18 clock
Sunday, May 15, 2022, Final from 14 - 16 clock

Brunau at the Jumppark by ZüriTrails

Tickets and more details will be posted in April.

Start and ranking lists

The ZüriDirt Contest is organized together with the ZüriTrails association. More information, as well as start and ranking lists will be continuously updated by ZüriTrails.

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ZüriDirt Contest Final 2021