Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

Safety Parcours

Saddle up for city traffic? Test your bike skills on the safety course.

Test and improve your driving skills in traffic! On a closed road right next to Europaallee you will experience critical traffic situations in physical and virtual simulations and learn how to behave safely and not endanger anyone.

Councillor Richard Wolff tests the safety course
Brain researcher versus biker in the bike quiz. Who will get the most points?
Item 1: City traffic virtual

With the virtual reality goggles you experience critical situations on Zurich's streets one-to-one, but without any danger - instructive even if you are at home in another Swiss city.

Lot 2: City bike simulator

Coming up short while passing a truck? A car door opening? In a roundabout? Practice these and other situations with the unique interactive bike riding simulator - so you're sure to be fine next time!

Item 3: ABS for e-bikes

It's here: The anti-lock braking system for bikes. Test the new braking performance and experience how the Bosch ABS helps you to brake safely in different situations.



Lot 4: In the blind spot

Whoever squeezes close to a truck in column traffic risks his life. From behind the wheel of a large vehicle, pedestrians and cyclists who are right next to it are simply not visible. At this post, you'll see with your own eyes where the driver's field of vision ends in the new virtual simulator.

Lot 5: Visible in the dark

To be seen is crucial in road traffic. This post is about light, reflectors and appropriate clothing.


Mobility Talk

Place: Europaallee
Bike Lovers Contest
Place: Europaallee
Mobility Talk
What does it take to make cycling the transport mode of choice for children and senior citizens, the inexperienced and commuters? How do infrastructures and rules need to be changed so that cycling can fulfil its potential and increase the quality of life in cities?
E-Bike Workshop with Zurich
In these riding courses you will learn how to deal with the acceleration and the weight of the e-bike, how to estimate your braking distance correctly and how to use the capacity of your battery optimally.
City & Mobility
Place: Europaallee